International Internships with Ediphi

Ediphi is a leading provider of international internships for students and recent graduates. We specialize in the field of hospitality, preparing and matching students for virtual and in-person internships with luxury hotels, world-famous restaurants and respected industry leaders across the globe.

Our Internship Services

Internship Consultation and Matching

1:1 Interview Training

Resume Review

LinkedIn Profile Assessment

Introductory Video Guidance

Placement Coordination

Comprehensive Visa Assistance

Internship Monitoring and Coaching

Local Support

Progress Reporting

Completion Certification

University Accreditation

Hands-On, World-Class Experience

If you’re a student or recent graduate in hospitality, your education and training provide a solid foundation for your career. But to stand out over other jobseekers, you need real-world experience on your CV. An internship is an ideal way to bridge the gap between formal education and practical work experience.

At Ediphi, you can choose from both in-person and virtual internships that prepare you to work, advance and lead within your chosen field. In addition to work experience, an internship gives you the opportunity to explore your strengths and interests and set a goal for career growth. Along the way, you’ll learn new customs and cultures and create a network of opportunities that extend well beyond your first position.


A Partner in Education and Career Training

At Ediphi, our internships support the life cycle of career placement and advancement. We serve as a proud partner to schools and universities, providing exceptional internship opportunities that complement the student experience. World-class leaders in hospitality look to our internship program as a valuable tool in the development of top-notch employees and a launchpad for career training.

What to Expect Before, During and After

We coordinate internships and exchange opportunities with partners in the United States, Europe and Asia, along with work-study opportunities in Canada. With one-on-one guidance throughout the process, we’ve built our reputation on providing personalized service through every touchpoint. Whether you choose a virtual or in-person experience, we’re with you every step of the way. The process starts with finding exciting internship options that align with your area of study.

The In-Person Internship

The in-person internship experience begins well before you touch down in-country. We guide you through the process of identifying and applying for an internship, preparing for interviews, completing visa documents and more. You get access to our online portal of opportunities, and best of all, we provide ongoing mentoring, support and monitoring throughout your experience.

Banquet Events

Customer Service


Food & Beverage Service

Pre-Screening – Within the field of hospitality, we work exclusively with world-class hotels and top-tier restaurants, and we personally interview each of the companies where internships take place.


Aligned Placement – We ensure internship opportunities are aligned with each intern’s field of study.


Training – To ensure proper onboarding, every intern is assigned a mentor within the company where they’ll work.

Visa – We provide visa assistance, document review and visa application follow-up.


Quality of Life A Support Coordinator is assigned to each intern to assist with any issues, such as social life, work concerns, illness or homesickness.


Housing – Interns are asked to evaluate their housing conditions to ensure they’re comfortable and able to focus on their training.

Work Experience – The majority of our interns are employed before graduation. In some cases, interns start their career with their host company.


University Accreditation Most interns can receive university credit for an internship, and we assist with all required documents for validation.


International Networking – Interns make valuable personal and professional connections that can last a lifetime.

In-Person Internship Opportunitiess

Food & Beverage



Virtual Opportunities

How It Works


Internships in culinary, food and beverage, and front office positions range from 3 to 12 months, with flexible year-round dates, while camp counselor positions in the U.S. take place during the summer months. Work opportunities in Canada are available for up to three years following graduation.


Each host country has different eligibility requirements for interns. Generally, internships are available to high school or university students and recent graduates, ages 18-29. Candidates typically must be proficient or fluent in the language of the host country.


The cost of an internship or work-study program varies based on your chosen internship and the duration of your stay. While every opportunity is different, basic living expenses and housing may be covered by the host employer, and a stipend may also be provided.

The Virtual Experience

A virtual internship can be just as valuable as an in-person internship, providing practical work experience within your area of study. Unlike in-person internships, virtual internships are project-based. Interns work offsite on defined projects with specific benchmarks that can be evaluated virtually, and in most cases, you can make your own schedule. Evaluation takes place via video-conferencing and other collaborative online tools.

Virtual Internship Advantages

Intern in the United States

A hospitality internship in the United States provides hands-on training with hotels, resorts and restaurants in some of the country’s most exciting destinations, from New York City to Aspen, Colorado. At Ediphi, we coordinate both J1 Visa Internship and Traineeship opportunities, under the BridgeUSA program, for internships lasting up to 12 months.

You can also apply for a camp counselor position under the BridgeUSA Camp Counselor Program. With positions available across the country, programs run for 9-12 weeks during the U.S. summer academic break.

Intern in Europe and Asia

With some of the world’s leading chefs and most beautiful destinations, Europe is a top destination for gaining hospitality and culinary experience. Our programs in Spain and France include 3- to 6-month opportunities at 4- and 5-star properties and Michelin-starred restaurants.

With flexible timelines and comparatively lower costs, internships in Asia offer an ideal way to fulfill course work-hour requirements. Opportunities in Asia provide exposure to vibrant culture and heritage, Eastern hospitality standards and professional experience at premier host locations.  

Work and Study in Canada

With high-quality education and pathways to employment and immigration, Canada is a favorable destination for international students. The Canada Study & Work Program enables foreign nationals to enroll in college or university in Canada and work in-country for up to three years following graduation. Canada is consistently rated among the best destinations for those looking to work and study in a welcoming, vibrant and dynamic community.