Virtual Career Training with Ediphi

We’re ushering in a new era in career training for students wherever they live and learn. With Ediphi, students experience VR training modules and immersive classrooms that simulate real-world experiences, complemented by live webinars and personalized career guidance. Schools and businesses benefit from customizable courses and just-in-time training modules that meet their unique needs.

It's a New Era in Virtual Training for Students

For many students, online training provides an important complement to in-person education. Virtual training can be cost-effective and provide a wide array of programs of study that may not already be offered at a local institution. 

But in many fields, such as hospitality, students still need hands-on training and experience to be career-ready. For many students, cost and access to these programs can be barriers too great to overcome. That’s where Ediphi comes in. We use Extended Reality (XR) and Web3 technology to transform the student experience by bringing immersive training to you, from vineyards in Europe to the kitchens of America’s best hotels.

Web3 Offers Real-World Benefits to Schools

Web3 Offers Real-World Benefits to Schools Universities and technical schools don’t always have the resources to provide the most up-to-date career training for their students. In disciplines like hospitality, upgrades and updates to physical facilities take time and money to build. And when it comes to programs of study, your institution’s capacity and faculty expertise may limit your offerings and your impact.

Enter Ediphi. We serve as partners in education to institutions at all levels, including colleges and universities, vocational and trade schools, and K-12 schools. Our leading-edge virtual training courses are designed to expand your program offerings and meet the specific needs of your institution and the students you serve.

Ediphi Facilitates Just-In-Time Training for Business

Employee training keeps staff current on industry standards and updates, but generic solutions often fall short, wasting valuable time and resources. Hospitality and other industries need ways to provide relevant, targeted onboarding, reskilling and upskilling to their employees, with minimal interruptions to employee workflow.

Ediphi brings XR and Web3 technology to your employee training program, with customizable courses and just-in-time training modules designed to reflect your brand’s unique DNA.

What to Expect: The Student Experience

Our ability to reflect the latest trends and advancements in the industry helps schools offer current, relevant training and education, along with secure blockchain credentialing. Working in partnership with institutional administrators and educators, our courses are customized to integrate with school curricula and cover both hard- and soft-skills training.

Students experience VR training modules and immersive classrooms that simulate real-world tasks, materials and environments. With a core focus on hospitality, our wide array of available courses feature seasoned hoteliers, restaurateurs, tourism experts and business owners with years of industry experience. 

We complement the virtual experience with live webinars and career guidance from industry professionals, while synchronous courses offer students the benefit of a peer cohort, along with instructor feedback and interaction. That means students get the dedicated, personalized support they need to succeed, and a pathway to become business owners and leaders within their chosen field.

What to Expect: The Employee Experience

For luxury hotels, hospitality leaders and other industries, your teams get targeted virtual training and immersive learning environments designed to meet the onboarding, reskilling and upskilling needs of your corporation. Full-suite course development can also help you prepare and train the next generation of employees to enter, advance and lead within your organization.

Through our white-glove solutions, hospitality partners can customize course modules drawn from our library of content, or commission the creation of new trainings. Branded course content supports employee adherence to operational standards and helps your people deliver a consistent brand experience. For employees and organizations alike, the value of relevant, targeted training extends beyond the virtual classroom, building brand loyalty and supporting employee retention.

How It Works

VR Training Modules & Immersive Classrooms

When it comes to virtual learning, Virtual Reality (VR) has real-world benefits. VR learning increases engagement and efficacy. Because you’re immersed in your environment with VR, there are no outside distractions. And unlike video training, VR turns off when you disengage, so learning only happens when you’re ready for it.

What You Need to Know

Hospitality Track: Live Webinars & Career Guidance

For those pursuing a hospitality track, our live webinars and one-on-one career guidance take place via Zoom with our expert staff. Our team members have decades of experience in hospitality and tourism, and a commitment to helping students recognize opportunities and paths to management, executive and leadership roles within the industry.

Experience Ediphi

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