5 Reasons Why Studying Hospitality And Working In Canada Is A Can’t Miss Opportunity

In the past decade, the number of college and university students from all over the world who choose Canada work and study abroad programs has grown significantly. Whether they’re studying hospitality, computer science, engineering, marketing, or business, there are internships and work opportunities to be found everywhere in the United States’ quiet northern neighbor.

Why has Canada become so popular for work and study programs? What makes it a great country to travel to and stay, not just for a few months, but for a few years to learn and advance your career? And why should you choose Canada?

We’ve got all the answers below with 5 reasons why Canada work and study is a can’t miss opportunity for those looking for new career and life pathways.

Reason #1: It’s A Welcoming Country

Sometimes when you go abroad, you may feel that you are unwelcome. Many people look upon foreign visitors to their country with skepticism or fear, or simply outright disinterest.

That’s why Canada is such a great option for foreign students, as most of its citizens are incredibly polite and welcoming to newcomers. In fact, Canadians are famous for their friendliness.

Reason #2: There Are Lots Of Study And Work Opportunities

Despite occupying a large landmass, the country of Canada is surprisingly empty. Most Canadians – over 80%, according to Statista –  live in cities, but even then, these urban populations are small.

Consider Toronto, which is the biggest city in Canada. Its population numbers close to 3 million people. Now, compare that to the biggest city in the United States, which is New York City. The population there is about 8.5 million people.

The relatively low population of Canada is a great thing for foreign students. Since there are so few people living and working in this country, that means there is a plethora of study and work abroad opportunities available. It’s just a matter of finding and applying to the work and study programs that appeal to you the most.

Reason #3: You’ll Join A Vibrant And Diverse Community

When you travel to Canada to study and work, you won’t be alone. You’ll be joining a vibrant, diverse community of immigrants from all around the world. In the Canadian province of Ontario alone, there are nearly 200,000 international students. India is the country with the most interns in Canada, but they are joined by a host of other nations like the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, the United States, and more.

Reason #4: It’s One Of The Most Beautiful Places In North America

Another benefit of Canada’s relatively small population is how beautiful and untouched its natural environment is. Canada is world-renowned for its 37 national parks, where you can take in cascading waterfalls and stunning snow-capped mountains, hike through towering forests, and observe the fascinating wildlife. Moose, bison, wolves, and grizzly bears are just a few creatures you might spot – from a safe distance, of course!

Reason #5: It’s Rich In History And Arts

If you’re a history buff or an art lover, Canada has plenty of both to tantalize and delight your senses.

For example, you’ll find that Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is brimming with museums on all sorts of topics, historical, scientific, and artistic. Vancouver Island is famous for its art community and is home to Victoria, the capital of the province of British Columbia. And on Prince Edward’s Island, you’ll find the fictional home of Anne of Green Gables, a popular literary heroine.

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