Web3 and NFTs for Eduequity

March 2020 accelerated the adoption of many innovative edtech tools out of necessity. That phenomenon also revealed many opportunities to build solutions to address inequity and access for all. Web3 technology offers a unique avenue to transport learners to immersive experiences that would be unattainable otherwise.


The use of VR and AR technology, Blockchain and NFTs can both enable and enhance  training for those in underrepresented and remote areas.


  • VR can bring elusive concepts and experiences to life. Virtual experiences enable learners to interact with hard to find specialized equipment or situational risk management exercises. Numerous studies show that learners trained in VR exhibit higher confidence once on site.
  • Learning in the metaverse allows learners across disciplines and time zones to converge in a common area and work together. Synchronous classrooms in the metaverse allow participants to explore ideas like never before. Imagine enlarging a nano particles and examining it or taking a stroll through the planets!
  • Learners can have control over their training and choose to lean in to their strengths to become subject matter experts as well as seek out training in areas of opportunities to become more well rounded. Teachers are empowered to shape personalized training paths for their students.
  • On-chain credentials give learners control over their personal information giving instant access that is easily verifiable. This eliminates the need for calls, emails and trips to get copies of diplomas and certifications


At Ediphi, we work to equalize learning and training opportunities by bringing the transformative power of web3 to education. From synchronous VR classrooms to on-chain credentials to micro courses we seek to democratize access and increase control for learners.