5 Reasons Why Studying Hospitality And Working In Canada Is A Can’t Miss Opportunity

In the past decade, the number of college and university students from all over the world who choose Canada work and study abroad programs has grown significantly. Whether they’re studying hospitality, computer science, engineering, marketing, or business, there are internships and work opportunities to be found everywhere in the United States’ quiet northern neighbor. Why […]

How Web3 Can Spread Equity Through Education

Education as we know it is not currently equitable. This is due to many different factors, but one of the most important and persistent is a lack of access to the internet and information in certain parts of the world. All that can change as the global community gradually shifts from Web2 to Web3. It’s […]

Web3 and NFTs for Eduequity

March 2020 accelerated the adoption of many innovative edtech tools out of necessity. That phenomenon also revealed many opportunities to build solutions to address inequity and access for all. Web3 technology offers a unique avenue to transport learners to immersive experiences that would be unattainable otherwise.   The use of VR and AR technology, Blockchain […]