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We’re Training Beyond Boundaries
At Ediphi, we harness the VR and AI to provide students with leading-edge career training and international and virtual internships, in partnership with schools and businesses across the globe. Powered by transformational XR and Web3 technology, our solutions provide access to education and pathways to leadership wherever students live and learn.


Virtual Career Training

Choose Ediphi to get the training you need using VR technology that is engaging and effective

Learn Through the Latest Technology

At Ediphi, we’re ushering in a new era in career training for students everywhere. How do we do it?

We combine synchronous and asynchronous delivery of educational course content through Extended Reality (XR) and Web3 technology.

So, what does that really mean? As a student, you’ll experience VR training modules and immersive classrooms that simulate real-world experiences. Then we complement your virtual experience with live webinars and career guidance. That means you get the dedicated, personalized support you need to succeed.

Hospitality 4.0

With a core focus on hospitality, we offer a wide array of modules featuring seasoned hoteliers, restaurateurs, tourism experts and business owners with years of industry experience.

Partner Up for Success

As trusted partners to schools and hotels, we provide customizable courses and just-in-time training modules to meet your unique needs, including essential hard- and soft-skills training and secure blockchain credentialing.

For industry, our white-glove solutions can be customized to reflect your brand’s unique DNA. That’s our hospitality, shining through.

About Us

Ediphi began with the mission to unleash the potential of young professionals through training and internships in the hospitality industry. When we realized the power of XR to magnify our mission, we knew we could go further in expanding opportunities for students in remote and historically underserved communities.  


We combine all things tech with warm, personalized service through every touchpoint, as we realize our vision for bringing XR-powered career training to new students and industries across the globe.

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Intern in Europe

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Training, Upskilling
& Reskilling

Even now, most virtual training still comprises a combination of video, webinars and written content. While these tools are valuable, they’re limited by a student’s willingness to engage with the material. By contrast, Extended Reality (XR) provides opportunities for students to learn through simulated experiences that require active engagement and promote long-term learning.

At Ediphi, we combine the best of all worlds in experiential training and internships. But entry-level training in hospitality is just the beginning. We’re positioned to provide foundational education, upskilling and reskilling that supports the life cycle of career placement and advancement for students and employees in hospitality and beyond.

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