You landed that US internship. Now what?

US Hospitality Internship Preparation: An International Student’s Ultimate Guide

Embarking on a US hospitality internship? As an international student, preparation is key. From understanding American customs to ensuring all your documentation is in order, this guide to US hospitality internship preparation will cover it all.

1. Documentation After Visa Approval:
Having your visa is just step one in US hospitality internship preparation. Organize essential documents like your passport, DS-2019 form, and internship contract efficiently.

2. Dive Deep Into Your US Destination:
Understanding your new city is vital. Research its culture, local customs, weather, and transportation to get a comprehensive feel of what awaits in your US hospitality internship.

3. Securing the Best Accommodation:
Not provided by your employer? Check platforms like Airbnb and Craigslist. Finding a comfortable place near your workplace is a vital step in your US hospitality internship preparation.

4. Smart Budgeting Tips:
Life in the US can vary in cost. Draft a budget that accounts for all your needs, ensuring you can focus entirely on your internship experience.

5. Packing Essentials for Your US Hospitality Internship:

  • Dress Codes: A blend of formal and casual outfits, keeping local climate in mind.
  • Tech Needs: Laptops, phones, and power adapters tailored for US sockets.
  • Your Portfolio: Resumes, academic certificates, and recommendation letters.
  • Personal Care: Initial stock of toiletries and any medications.
  • Cultural Touches: Small mementos from home to combat homesickness.

6. Cultural Adaptation: Embracing the American Way:

  • Local Insights: Participate in events or volunteer activities.
  • Homesickness Hacks: Regular touchpoints with loved ones back home can help.
  • Understanding America: Courses or workshops can aid in smoother integration during your US hospitality internship.

7. Networking in the US Hospitality Scene:
With a world of professionals around, maximize your opportunities. Attend events, workshops, and utilize platforms like LinkedIn.

8. Health & Safety:
Familiarize yourself with the health insurance provided. Safety should always be a priority.

9. Setting Goals for Your US Hospitality Internship:
Define what you aim to achieve. Skills, projects, or networking – have a clear vision.

10. Enjoying the American Experience:
Above all, remember to enjoy yourself! Be open to the multitude of new experiences and cultures. Don’t hesitate to ask questions when in doubt. Curiosity will enrich your learning, and everyone appreciates a keen learner. This journey is as much about professional growth as personal discovery.