Navigating Internship Challenges in France & Spain: A Guide for Non-Natives

Internships in the bustling hospitality hubs of France and Spain offer unparalleled experiences. Yet, for the non-native intern, these landscapes bring their unique challenges. Dive into this guide to uncover these challenges and the best ways to overcome them, ensuring a memorable internship experience.


1. Mastering the Language: Your Key to Integration

Challenge: Not everyone speaks English, especially when interacting with locals.

Solution: Begin with a language course, either online or in-person. Tap into the power of language apps or platforms, and don’t shy away from conversing with locals.


2. Embracing Cultural Nuances: When in France or Spain

Challenge: Cultural norms and etiquettes can be surprisingly different.

Solution: Familiarize yourself with local customs. Attend cultural training sessions and always be an eager observer.


3. Decoding the Work Culture: Punctuality to Hierarchies

Challenge: Distinct work-life balances and expectations exist.

Solution: Be proactive. Request feedback and understand workplace expectations right from day one.


4. Legalities & Documentation: Getting It Right

Challenge: The maze of visas, work permits, and local requirements.

Solution: Consult with Ediphi! Ensure you have all the necessary paperwork in place.


5. Living Like a Local: From Housing to Commuting

Challenge: Settling into a new city and lifestyle.

Solution: Engage with fellow interns or expats. They often have a treasure trove of tips and resources to share.


6. Combatting Homesickness: Staying Connected

Challenge: The emotional pangs of being away from familiar grounds.

Solution: Dive deep into the local culture. Join groups, explore attractions, and ensure regular touchpoints with loved ones back home.


7. Networking: Building Bridges in a New Land

Challenge: Establishing a professional network in unfamiliar terrains.

Solution: Attend local industry events and workshops. Don’t miss out on networking opportunities with colleagues and other industry professionals.


8. Savoring the Flavors: Embracing Local Cuisine

Challenge: Different culinary landscapes.

Solution: Engage your taste buds in the rich flavors of French or Spanish cuisine. For those with dietary restrictions, research and seek local advice.


Interning in France or Spain is a ticket to professional growth and personal evolution. By recognizing potential challenges and acting on the suggested solutions, non-native interns can ensure a smooth, enriching journey in the hospitality industry of these European giants.